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Finally, A Reading in Person

My reading at Center for Inquiry (1310 Sweet Home Road · Amherst, NY) June 1 @ 7:30 PM is my first in-person reading in nearly three years. It will not be available on Zoom, so I am making some preparations.

The three years have yielded new publications. I have made a list of my books and chapbooks, which I am posting here.

Publications Early 2021

Wild Bergamot

A Box Upon the Sea

A Lethal Mutation

In the Year of No Funerals. An Anthology of Poems: Corona. Gayl Teller, Ed. Walt Whitman Birthplace Association.

Publications 2015 – Present

For publications prior to January 1, 2015, please go to

For professional vitae as a Psychologist please go to

Books since 2015

Chasing Whitman. Chasing Whitman (exhibit catalog). Huntington Historical Society. 2019.

Under the Rock. FootHills Publishing. (poetry collection). 2019.

Culture Shock: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Early Parenthood at Home and Abroad in the 1970s. Friends of Spork. 2017.

Birth: Where Culture and Medicine Meet. Friends of Spork. 2017.

We Should have seen this coming. Locofo chapbook. 2017.

We Should Have Seen This Coming

Please email Martha Deed for further information about her books. Books on Amazon are best ordered from Amazon. Otherwise, please order from Martha Deed directly.

Poetry, Essays and Videos since 2015


January 6, 2020: A Skinny. The Skinny Journal. January 27, 2021.

Ice Taxis on the Hudson. Bart White & Dwain Wilder, Eds. Civilization in Crisis. FootHills Publishing. 2021.

The Year of No Funerals. Gayl Teller, Ed. Corona: An Anthology of Poems. Walt Whitman Birthplace Association. 2021.


There is no way out of this. Grand Little Things. October 23, 2020.

It’s Personal. New Verse News. September 21, 2020.

Po Biz (for Peter Ganick). Periodicity Journal. August 2020.

Chant. Reilly Hirst, Lisa Nichols, Colleen Powderly, Eds. Le Mot Juste. 2020.

Joe the Poet at 80. Joe. FootHills Publishing. 2020. Limited edition for John Roche.


In One Ear. . . Jim Jordan, Ed. Le Mot Juste. 2019.

Cobblestones. The Buffalo News. September 22, 2019. D6


Breakfast. video. Cranbrook Video Festival. Kent. UK. February 2018.

It’s Not Just About the Mosquitoes. Essay. Long Island Literary Journal.

Diary of a Twenty Year-Old Man. Poem. Long Island Literary Journal.

After Whitman. John Roche, Ed. Survival. Beatlick Press. 2018.

Cemetery Days. Eric Rounds, Ed. Le Mot Juste. 2018.


Indian Point 6:30-7:PM, September 13. Kitty Jospe, Ed. Le Mot Juste. 2017.

A Bayou Near Brinkley, Arkansas. Eric Rounds & Bart White. Birdsong. FootHills Publishing. 2017.

Banana Boat Republic. Cloudburst. Poetry Anthology of the Cloudburst Council 2012-2016.

I ask you is there anything new under the sun? Hers: a poets speak anthology. Beatlick. 2017.

Housatonic Sam. Coast to Coast the Route Anthology. FootHills Publishing. 2017.

A Passion for Free Speech and Unfettered Communication. (non-fiction). And Then. v19. 2017.

The Critic Writes Poems: 5 Poems: Deadly Spin, The Rain, Life After Death, Doing Business, The Chicken Yard. Galatea Resurrects. March 24, 2017.

Men, Death and Lies (Review.) Galatea Resurrects. 2017.

Jewel of the Erie Canal and Voting (2 videos) with Millie Niss. Cranbrook Video Festival. Kent, UK. February 2017.


MacDougal Alley. John Roche, Ed. Le Mot Juste. 2016.

Papers in a Striped Brown Paper Bag. October 14, 2016.

Ornithology, If I could believe in my own power (2 poems) Palettes & Quills. 2016.

New Poem. Cloudburst Council. May, 2016.

Poppycock, Checkpoint on the I-10, The Stubborness of Chocolate, Duplicity of Sand, Morris Island Mockingbird, Patricia Tansey, Ed. A Celebration of Western New York Poets. Buffalo Legacy Publications. 2016.

For Jacob Conklin Who Was Not ‒ I Repeat, Not ‒ My Direct Ancestor But Rather a Cousin Who Stole Plunder fromCaptain Kidd in 1698. Pencil Marks. November, 2015.


#6. David Yockel, Jr. Ed. Le Mot Juste, 2015.

To James Tate. New Verse News. July 15, 2015.

A Child Dying Before Her Time. Essay. And Then. v 18. 2015.

Conversation and Poetry with Martha Deed. February 10, 2015

Paris 1974, 2015. New Verse News. January 11, 2015.

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